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Dr Foot Ice Balm Cold, Fast Acting Feet Pain, Muscle Pain, Joint Pain Reliever with the Goodness of Menthol, Mentha Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Glycerin - 100gm

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Why it Works

Dr Foot Ice Balm Natural Ingredient Menthol is a naturally refreshing ingredient that helps in laden with cooling properties on the skin. Its natural scent leaves behind a refreshing smell when applied to the skin.


Products Benefits:

  • 1. Get rid of Pain fast: Dr Foot Ice Balm works fast to stop your pain; handle muscle Pain and joint pain, rheumatoid arthritis
  • 2. Fast Acting Menthol Based Formula for Powerful Pain Relief It’s Creates a Cooling Sensation under the Skin to aid relieve pain, long-lasting results, Fast penetration.
  • 3. Keeps your foot free from radicals: The menthol present in the ice balm acts as a natural antioxidant, keeping the foreign radicals from entering your skin at bay.
  • 4. Gentle on the skin, leaves behind a natural, non-greasy feeling: The Clove oil extracts used in the Dr Foot Active Care Ice Balm formulation help ease the pain around sore muscles, without leaving your skin dry.
  • 5. Especially relevant to athletes. No skin irritation, No loss in the range of motion
  • 6. When to use: Sprains & Sore Muscles, Joint Pain
  • 7. Dr Foot Products Are Made with Cruelty-Free, Dermatologist Tested, Safe for All Skin Type and Non-Toxic.


Menthol, Mentha Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Allantoin, Acrypol 940, Benzyl Alcohol, Glycerin, Methyl Salicylate, Clove Oil


1. Take out a Coin Size amount of the balm using two fingers
2. Apply the balm onto the affected area/where you are experiencing pain
3. Massage gently for 1 to 2 minutes so that cream is evenly dispersed and absorbed into the skin.

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