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Buy Foot Spray & Odor Fighting Powder Get 1 Exfoliaitng Foot Mask Free

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Why it Works

Dr Foot Foot & Shoe Deodorant Spray is a fast-acting deodorizing spray that destroys odors in shoes, athletic gear, gym bags, lockers, and other spaces where tough odors linger. One spray completely eliminates odors and leaves behind a fresh scent without leaving a film or discoloring the item. Dr Foot Foot & Shoe Deodorant Spray is equipped with a nozzle that provides higher concentration of the formula for full, long-lasting coverage. Safe on all Materials, including mesh, leather, canvas, and suede.

Products Benefits: 

  1. 1. Dr Foot feet deodorant spray works as an athletic shoe deodorizer for men and women. You can use our foot spray for shoes as a shoe odor eliminator, smelly feet treatments, sneaker spray, climbing shoe deodorizer, gym bag deodorizer, yoga & mat deodorizer and more!
  3. 2. Foot odor spray is made of the highest quality natural ingredients. Dr Foot deodorizer spray contains no aluminum: no parabens and 100% nontoxic ingredients.
  5. 3. Our foot spray is ideal for athletes, runners, walkers, cyclists, hikers, skiers & everyday work. It's also a perfect shoe odor eliminator for all shoes including: running & leather shoes, men and women dress shoes, work boots, sneakers, and high heels. It will not discolor shoes!
  7. 4. No harsh chemicals. Destroys Odor & Bacteria Immediately. Leaves a fresh and clean smell. Treat your feet with only the best with our Shoe odor spray.
  9. 5. Dr Foot Products are Made With Cruelty Free, Dermatologist Tested, Safe For All Skin Type, Non Toxic




Lemon Grass Essential Oil, Tea Tree Oil


Wash Your Feet and dry them completely. Put 3-4 sprays of Dr Foot natural foot & Shoe deodorant spray. Repeat anytime during the day, basis the requirement.

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