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Collection: Achilles Tendinitis

The pain associated with Achilles tendinitis typically begins as a mild ache in the back of the leg or above the heel after running or other sports activity. Episodes of more-severe pain may occur after prolonged running, stair climbing or sprinting.


As you might have guessed by the name, Achilles Tendinitis involves inflammation inthe Achilles tendon. As the largest tendon in your body, it connects your calf muscles to the heel bones in your feet and helps you walk, run and jump. Symptoms of Achilles Tendinitis include pain or stiffness along the Achilles tendon, pain that appears in the morning or the day after exercising, or pain that gets worse with activity. There may also be swelling or thickening of the Achilles tendon.


According to the Indian Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, there’s no specific injury that might cause the symptoms of Achilles tendinitis to appear. Rather, it’s caused when you put too much strain on the tendon by exercising too much or without giving your body a chance to warm up. Heel spurs and tight calf muscles can also cause Achilles tendon pain, which is why, for the latter, warming up and stretching before strenuous exercise is important.

Dr Foot doesn’t make a product specifically for achilles tendinitis, but we do offer several products to help you move with comfort while the achilles tendon heals. Dr Foot Orthotics for Heel Pain help reduce the shock of heel impact. Dr Foot Heel Gel help raise your heel, which shortens the tendon and takes pressure off it while reducing heel impact and keeping shoes from rubbing on your Achilles tendon.”

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